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I called but Carlita refused to talk to me first, even though I was a repeat customer and made me hang up and make a request on the web site without any conversation. She showed up at my house without advance notice, calling as she was at my doorstep. Even though I knew what the problem was and needed only a simple answer as to how complicated it was, it cost $300, including $150 in travel expenses,but still no answer as to approximate cost or time needed, The answer I was given was to pay the bill and then we will see how it goes. My advise it to make sure you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars and are sure you want your appliance repaired before you call We proudly restore, sell, clean, and repair antique and retro stoves under the leadership of The Stove Lady. We also repair today's stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers and dishwashers. Prompt, professional, reliable service is a definite!Our reputation is synonymous with attention to detail and impeccable customer service. What makes our technicians different?Their love and appreciation for these appliances and people say they are really nice guys!1 comment Your guys were great and so nice!"And they clean up after themselves. "We also do commercial stove cleaning, repair and restoration. Restaurant stoves rarely break down under residential use, but you can't buy one for your home any more so Garland and other companies won't repair them for you or sell them to you. We will gladly repair and restore your commercial range and most times we don't have to remove it from your home. Garland, Vulcan, South Bend, Franklin Chef and more.

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This is due to the fact that it has got to operate quite a few different capabilities: washing, washing, drying out, cycling, water usage and amount produced – and all this managed at a comparatively convoluted dashboard.

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